Hasmukh Traders

Hasmukh Traders responds to COVID - 19

Certified PPE KIT

PPE is a cover worn by a worker to protect himself or herself from the hazards of an external agent which can harm the body.

  • The fabric as well as the coveralls are certified by SITRA, CE and HAFFKINE
  • Impervious to blood
  • Breathable – does not stick to body parts in spite of using whole day
Goal of PPE

To be able to freely focus on the job without the fear of getting infected.

The kit consists of
  • Coverall suit covering the head and forehead also with a 2-way zipper, which helps the person to be comfortable to sit in the suit
  • Shoe covers with leggings made of same material as the coverall
  • A pair of goggles, with an adjustable band and which can accommodate the prescription glasses
  • A pair of nitrile gloves, which are powder free and resistant to chemicals and do not tear easily
  • N95 or an equivalent FFP2 mask, which has an accepted filtration capacity
  • Face Shield
Four types available
  1. Standard
  2. Premium
  3. Super premium
  4. Super premium Plus

95 GSM 

65 GSM bilaminated
65 GSM trilaminated

Safety goggles / faceshield / splash goggles as required

3 ply meltblown / FFP1 / FFP2 / N95 masks as required